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Skeletal anchorage in orthodontics 


An important requirement for successful orthodontic treatment is stable anchorage. Conventional orthodontic anchorage can be limited by periodontal disease and/or missing teeth. Skeletal anchorage has been proven to be very effective. It can be an essential part of non-compliance therapy and broadens the options available to the orthodontic practitioner.

Mini-Implants are especially advantageous because of the minimally invasive insertion protocol and their relatively low cost.

However, limitations can occur when conventional mini-implant systems are used for orthodontic anchorage.

Possible indications:

  • Maxillary molar distalization and mesialization
  • Molar uprighting
  • Anchorage for upper anterior teeth and molars
  • Temporary tooth replacement
  • Palatal expansion
  • Indirect anchorage


  • Significantly less expensive than typical dental implants
  • Immediate loading is possible and recommended
  • Minimally invasive insertion protocol
  • Orthodontists can insert them themselves avoiding referrals to other dental specialists
  • Easy to remove
  • Internally retained fixation screw is securely integrated within each abutment



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