TWISTADENT 3-Flex Stainless Steel 3-Strand Wire

stainless 3-strandThe 3-Strand wires are made of three equal-sized medical grade Type 302SS wires twisted into a single, fine wire to provide moderate tooth-moving forces.

Three-Strand STAINLESS STEEL archwires are best-suited for initial alignment and the finishing stage of treatment.

  • Bright surface finish.
  • Moderate force, but drops quickly as teeth move.
  • Moderate resiliency; measurably better than Solid STAINLESS STEEL wire.



TWISTADENT 6-Flex Stainless Steel 6-Strand Wire (Coax)stainless 6-strand

Coax wire is made of five equal-size wires wrapped around a single, same-size core wire. Manufactured of high quality medical grade Type 302SS.

Offers low to moderate forces and relatively good resiliency. Appropriate for use in early or late treatment stages.

  • Bright finish.
  • Low to moderate forces.
  • Good for initial alignment.
  • Relatively good resiliency.
  • Short activation time, as forces drop quickly as teeth move.



TWISTADENT 8-Flex Stainless Steel 8-Braided Wirestainless 8-strand

8-Braided Wire is best for early and late treatment stages.

  • High resiliency.
  • Easy to ligate.
  • Low forces.
  • Great for aligning and for finishing.
  • Rectangle wires can be used for added torque control.







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